2017 - Living in Havering - What are Rosindell Cruddas and Lopez doing... NOTHING...

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2017 - Living in Havering - What are Rosindell Cruddas and Lopez doing... NOTHING...

Concerned Resident.
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Havering council plan to build 30,000 NEW HOUSES BY 2035



THIS PAGE IS READ ONLY - To post on The Changing Face of Havering - CLICK HERE

February 2017 - Gang of thugs stab and beat two teenage boys. CLICK HERE (page 3)

March 2017 - Three Romford men arrested on suspicion of murdering teenager with handgun CLICK HERE

April 2017 - Romford traveller jailed for ordering drive-by shooting in retribution for machete attack. CLICK HERE

April 2017 - High Street, Romford. Burglars steal from the disabled. CLICK HERE

April 2017 - Gun and knife crime rises across Havering. CLICK HERE

May 2017 - Car driven into a crowd of students at Havering college. CLICK HERE 

May 2017 - Two teenagers charged with murder after Romford stabbing. CLICK HERE

May 2017 - Romford station cordoned off after late night assault. CLICK HERE

May 2017 - Two stabbings just minutes apart on Havering’s streets. CLICK HERE

June 2017 - Man stabbed in the face on Harold Hill. CLICK HERE

June 2017 - Romford man arrested in connection with gangland murder. CLICK HERE

June 2017 - Two women shot in Brentwood Road Romford. CLICK HERE

June 2017 - 61 year old Romford man beaten to death. CLICK HERE (page 7)

July 2017 - Elm Park man dies after car is rammed by armed group. CLICK HERE

July 2017 - Havering is being terrorised by moped mugger gangs. CLICK HERE

July 2017 - Man stabbed to death in Harold Hill block of flats. CLICK HERE

July 2017 -  Moped crime: Residents meet with police to discuss increase in offences. CLICK HERE

July 2017  - Reports were made to police yesterday after suspects on mopeds were seen in possession of a machete.  CLICK HERE

July 2017  -  Two men arrested after pair shot and another man stabbed at Romford party. CLICK HERE and HERE

July 2017 - A pervert sexually assaulted two women and girls aged 11 and 13 in Havering parks. CLICK HERE

July 2017 - Pair acquitted of murder after bouncer stabbed to death outside home. CLICK HERE

August 2017 - Romford doctor Manish Shah charged with 118 sexual offences. CLICK HERE

August 2017 - Woman dragged along Romford road during shocking car robbery. CLICK HERE

August 2017 - Romford and Hornchurch men charged following discovery of £10.2m cannabis shipment. CLICK HERE

August 2017 - Ramzi Barkat, 45, of Third Avenue, Romford, was sentenced to a total of 12 months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to six counts of conspiracy to supply the Class B drug. CLICK HERE

August 2017 -  Havering had the third highest number of acid attacks in London from 2010 to 17, after Newham and Barking & Dagenham. CLICK HERE for the latest update CLICK HERE

September 2017 - Hammer wielding thugs on moped smash up mum’s car in Romford in spate of attacks.CLICK HERE

September 2017 - Dusan Samardzija of Cypress Path, Harold Hill, Romford, has been charged with murder and three counts of GBH CLICK HERE

September 2017 - Cranham teenager charged with murdering 34-year-old South Ockendon man. CLICK HERE

September 2017 - Two men charged with murdering Harold Hill man. CLICK HERE

October 2017 - Murder investigation launched after body found in Rainham flat. CLICK HERE

October 2017 - England goalkeeper, Joe Hart, robbed by moped gang in Romford.  CLICK HERE

October 2017 - Man arrested after ‘chemical incident’ in Romford. CLICK HERE

October 2017 - Havering: Domestic violence cases double in five years prompting calls to stem tide of abuse.... CLICK HERE

October 2017 - Four arrests in motorcyclists’ Halloween “ride out” in Romford. CLICK HERE

November 2017 - Romford teenager arrested after car chase down the A12 in Brentwood. CLICK HERE

November 2017 - Dawn raid on Romford home in crackdown on east London drugs gang. CLICK HERE

November 2017 - Rainham pub the Bell Inn’s alcohol licence up for review after alleged stabbing. CLICK HERE

November 2017 - Teens from Romford and Dagenham arrested after ‘substance’ attack at Lakeside,Thurrock CLICK HERE

November 2017 - Burglars from Hornchurch and Harold Hill jailed after year-long crime spree. CLICK HERE

November 2017 - Two women arrested after assaults and robberies in Romford and Hornchurch. CLICK HERE - UPDATE HERE<

December 2017 - Teenagers arrested for carrying ‘Rambo style’ knife and drugs in Romford shopping centre. CLICK HERE

December 2017 - Police officer working in Romford dismissed over child porn charges. CLICK HERE

December 2017 - Knife crime in Havering is soaring. CLICK HERE

December 2017 - Two women charged with crime rampage in Romford and Hornchurch to appear in court. CLICK HERE

December 2017 - Man left in a critical condition at Vertigo Lounge bar, Hornchurch. CLICK HERE

December 2017 - Teenager punched in the face in robbery on 370 bus in Upminster. CLICK HERE

December 2017 - Teenager subjected to assault from fellow pupils at Havering secondary school. CLICK HERE

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